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VRM Add-on for Blender

Download Latest Version (Version 2.20.7) September 23, 2023 UTC / Past Releases

VRM Add-on for Blender adds VRM import, export, and editing capabilities to Blender. It supports Blender version 2.93 or later.

Tutorials #

InstallationCreate Simple VRMCreate Humanoid VRM
Create Physics Based MaterialCreate Anime Style MaterialAutomation with Python scripts

Overview #

This add-on adds VRM-related functions to Blender, such as importing and exporting VRM, adding VRM Humanoid and setting MToon shaders. Bug reports, feature requests, pull requests, etc. are welcome. I have taken over the development after Version 0.79 from the author, @iCyP.

Import #

  • Support VRM 0.0, 1.0

Edit #

  • Add VRM Extension Panel
  • Add a VRM like shader as Node Group (MToon_unversioned)(Please use these node groups and direct link it to TEX_IMAGE, RGBA, VALUE, and Material output Nodes for export).
  • Add a humanoid armature for VRM (T-Pose, Required Bones, and appending custom properties to need export VRM (reference to VRM extensions textblock, and bone tagging))

Export #

  • Support VRM 0.0, 1.0